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The Top 5 Warning Signs That Your Pipes Are Clogged & Need To Be Cleaned Out

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Pipe cleaning is a fast, affordable service that can protect your pipes for damage and make a positive impact on your daily life.

If you’re dealing with any of these top five warning signs that your pipes are clogged and need to be cleaned out, you can count on VA Plumbing’s innovative hydro jetting technology to help get rid of those troublesome problems and get your life back to normal.

1. Slow Drains

The most obvious sign that your drains need a good cleaning is slow drainage in your sink or shower. As sewer waste, grease, and minerals accumulate on the walls of the pipe, the space for new waste to pass gets narrower and narrower. Water bottlenecks at these tiny passages, and the rest of the water in the sink or shower must wait to pass through. To restore the pipes to full capacity, VA plumbing will scour away those layers of buildup with hydro jetting service for instant improvement.

2. Recurring clogs

Another sign that your pipes aren’t working correctly are recurring blockages that seem to have no direct cause. A sink that keeps backing up, a toilet that often overflows, or a basement drain that always seems to be blocked are all signs that there’s a larger problem deep in your sewer system. Often, tree roots that have grown across the sewer line or a foreign object in the pipe are the culprits, and VA Plumbing can quickly remove these items to restore service.

3. Bubbling and Gurgling

If you’ve got a partial clog hidden in your drain, it will often reveal itself in a surprising way: Your toilet will bubble. Far out of sight, water will accumulate behind a clump of waste that’s obstructing the pipe or a particularly narrow stretch constricted by buildup. When you use another plumbing fixture, such as a nearby sink, the change in pressure in the pipe will make bubbles pop up in the water in the toilet as the water tries to force its way around the blockage.

Gurgling sinks are another sign of a hidden clog, for much the same reason. In same way that water gurgles when you pour it quickly from a jug, water in the pipes gurgles as it pushes its way past a narrowing. If you’ve got bubbles in your pipes or toilet, it’s time to call VA Plumbing.

4. Drain Flies

Drain flies, tiny gnat-like insects that hover near sinks, are a sign that the grease accumulated in your pipes needs to be cleaned out. These flies breed in the grease buildup adhered to the walls of the pipe, but VA Plumbing can quickly clean it away to restore your pipes to sanitary condition.

5. Pungent Odors

Like drain flies, bacteria are another tiny creature that proliferates in dirty drains. As they grow, the bacteria generate the foul odors that we associate with decomposition and mildew. If your drain smells like rotten eggs, old food, or mustiness, you have bacteria growing in the waste and grease in your pipes. VA Plumbing can clear all that buildup in minutes, so your pipes will smell fresh and clean again.

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