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How Sump Pump Service Protects Your Property from Major Storms

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When a major weather event like hurricane Florence comes, coastal states like Virginia need to be on alert. Even if the storm does not hit them directly, the increase in rain and potential of flooding is a concern for all home and business owners. Emergency sump pump service is one way to keep your property protected even in the face of a big storm.

What is a sump pump?

If your building has a basement, you can thank your sump pump for keeping it dry. Sump pumps are responsible for removing the groundwater and rainwater from beneath your home and around your basement to eliminate the danger of it taking damage due to storms or ground moisture.

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When should you get your Virginia sump pump serviced?

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Maintenance is the key to keeping every part of your plumbing and pipeline system running smoothly. Getting your Virginia sump pump inspected regularly can help you avoid issues such as flooding and save you money on repairs; however, even with regular maintenance sometimes sump pumps experience problems. If you are noticing your pump is operating more loudly than usual, not draining the basin even once it’s full, or continually trying to pump even when no water is present it is likely you need service to prevent sump pump failure.

How do storms impact sump pumps?

Major storms and hurricanes generate a lot of rain, and that excess water runoff can spell trouble for struggling sump pumps. The increase in rainwater flowing underground can easily result in basement flooding if your pump isn’t functioning at full capacity. That’s why, when you know a storm is coming, it’s essential to get your sump pump inspected and serviced before the heavy rain begins.

If you’re concerned about your sump pump’s health or just want to ensure your basement is protected from hurricane Florence’s impact, call VA Plumbing today. Our emergency sump pump services can provide fast inspection and repairs so you can rest easy knowing your pump will help protect your property from the storm.

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