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Preventing Frozen Pipes

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Preventing Frozen Pipes preparedness post-repairs virginia

If you live in an area with temperatures that reach freezing or below, you are likely to have experienced or heard of a pipe bursting due to wintertime temperatures. Burst pipes cause water damage to homes across the country every year, however, simple prevention measures can be taken in order to avoid plumbing setbacks and help optimize your time.

VA Plumbing has winterization services that include running pipe inspections and diagnostics to help keep your pipes warm and functionable. Their master plumbers strongly encourage homeowners to take prevention measures and to not ignore frozen pipes, because cold temperatures will lead to an inevitably high risk of burst pipes: when water freezes, it increases in volume. This polar fact ensures that ice can puncture even the toughest pipe materials.

You don’t have to wait to witness a leak when warmer temperatures come around to assess and secure your pipe systems. Take charge and call a VA plumber to inspect your pipe systems when the temperatures drop. If you notice that a pipe has frozen, you can call VA Plumbing LLC to help diagnose thawing methods, look for damage that has occured to your pipeline, and stop it in its tracks.

It’s not always obvious when a pipe has frozen or burst, but there are a few common warning signs that you ought to let your plumber know about, including:

  • Water pressure changes
  • Water marks
  • Standing water
  • Water discoloration
  • Strange sounds concurrent with water use
  • Increased water bills

Life gets busy! It’s hard to remember everything on your seasonal-shift checklist. Sometimes, we just plain forget about our pipes as they are hard at work and often out of sight. Burst pipes become more apparent when water thaws and begins leaking in higher temperatures, so if the season slips by and your pipes begin to drip, call VA Plumbing and inquire about how their certified plumbers can aid you in assessing post-freezing damage and repairs needed to get you back on track. If you are leaving on winter vacation, VA Plumbing advises you to either turn your water off before leaving or to pay close attention to potential hazards in your plumbing system.

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state of virginia with a star indicating their region of service
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