Our Testimonials

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Joy Hawkins Vienna, VA

So Impressed! I'm so impressed with the service I received from the time I called the office to the time the technician arrived. No service charges, the rate I was quoted is the price I paid. The staff in the office researched the exact hot water heater I wanted, and was able to get the warranty I was looking for. They installed it the same day, after all that I requested and the price was unbeatable. Thank you to the staff and technician for the amazing job you did!

The Fort Family Sterling, VA

They Go Above & Beyond! I was out of town and my children were home when our main water line burst from the freezing temperatures. I called VA Plumbing at 5:30 am on a Saturday morning and they answered right away, not only did they answer, they face-timed my children to help them get the water turned off, to avoid further damage to our home. The technician went above and beyond to get there right away to fix the problem. I couldn’t have asked for more – VA Plumbing & More, will go above and beyond to do what they can do, whether you’re in town or out of town to satisfy their clients. Thank you so much for saving us!

Anthony Reston, VA

Unbeatable Prices! Unbeatable prices, Replaced 2 Sink Faucets, 2 new supply lines, 3 new shut off valves and 1 toilet flush valves…On time, polite, professional, what more could I have ask for. Thank you, VA Plumbing & More.

Eambhiri Family Herndon, VA

Great Service! VA Plumbing replaced my Kitchen Faucet same day, unbelievable price. Their technician was very pleasant, the office called back once the job was complete to make sure I was completely satisfied. I would recommend them. Great service!