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Whether from settling, creaking, or a family of squirrels in your attic, all homes make noises. Sometimes the spooky noises you hear in the walls of your Leesburg, Virginia house are completely normal, but other times, they’re a sign that something isn’t quite right. Is it possible your plumbing is trying to communicate with you?

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In this post, we’ll list some of the most common problematic home plumbing sounds, so you can recognize them and know what to do about them.


Water supply pipes are made of metal and can easily make noises or vibrations throughout your home. Reasons for excess banging in your Leesburg, VA home or office may be due to improperly secured pipes or a blocked pipe. If there is an obstruction in your pipes, call your locally owned experts at VA Plumbing to remove the blockage so you can enjoy a smoother water flow through your pipes without the banging noises.


It’s normal for pipes to shake a little bit when water runs through them. If the sound is loud enough to be noticeable, however, they’re probably not as secure as they should be. Most likely, the mounting straps that are designed to secure your pipes have become loose.

You can fix this problem by calling the professional team at VA Plumbing to re-secure your Leesburg pipes and completely replace any parts that have pulled free or worn away.


Gurgling in your drains is a symptom of a clog obstructing water as it travels down the sewer pipeline. If you hear gurgling noises whenever you use one or more of your drains, you have a problem with your drain vents, and you should call in an expert for assistance.


Do you like to sing in the shower? Sometimes, your showerhead does, too! If your shower head gets clogged, you may hear a whistling noise while you’re bathing. Your solution could be as straightforward as removing the showerhead and cleaning it to get rid of the buildup and deposits that may be causing all that racket. However, if your shower head is still making noise after you clean it, it’s probably time for a replacement.


Do your pipes sound like they’re doing their best imitation of a horror movie when you turn on the faucet? Screeching or whining faucets are usually a symptom of a loose or defective part in the faucet itself. The easiest way to fix a screeching faucet is to get it replaced.

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At VA Plumbing, we started our business more than a decade and a half ago with a desire to help others and give back to the community, and that’s the same reason we remain in business today. We provide friendly service at affordable, honest pricing, and our certified master plumbers are here to go above and beyond on every call. If you live in the Leesburg, VA, area and have talkative pipes on your hands, contact us for speedy service with 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. We’ll even come out in the middle of the night!

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state of virginia with a star indicating their region of service
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