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Cost of Trenchless Pipe Repair in Fairfax, VA

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Cost of Trenchless Pipe Repairs Fairfax / Fairfax County

Rehabilitating sewer pipes is something home and business owners will face at some point in their life. VA Plumbing is comprised of industry experts that provide stellar sewer repair and sewer replacement services in the area around Northern Virginia. If you find that your structure is experiencing pipe issues such as backed up toilets and other plumbing emergencies, VA Plumbing is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week to assist you.

Trenchless technology has been around for decades and it is truly a better form of sewer line repair that’s more efficient, eco-friendly, and affordable in comparison to traditional pipe repair methods.

Cost of Trenchless Pipe Repair

The True Cost of Pipe Repair and Replacement

Traditional methods of pipe repair and replacement entailed digging up large trenches in order to locate, remove the broken pipe and replace it with a new one. The costs of such a repair is estimated to be around $180 to $250 per foot, with a ceiling of about $300 per foot depending on several factors such as obstructions, depth of the pipeline, and more. On average, replacing a line that’s located somewhere between the house and the public sewer system lies somewhere around $3,000 to $6,000. Complications such as a broken pipe located underneath public sidewalks or roads can easily double or triple the expected costs. You’ll also have to worry about the state of your yard, garden or lawn once the repair is completed and the soil is put back in place.

The true cost of traditional pipe replacement isn’t just labor and materials, but also tangibles such as bypass pumping, excavation cleanup, pipeline downtime costs, alternate accommodations and matters regarding overall sanitation, inconvenience and time needed to wait for the new pipe replacement to be completed.

At VA Plumbing, we use the latest trenchless technologies to shorten time of work and costs significantly. The costs associated with trenchless repair or replacement in Fairfax is approximately $85 to $125 per foot for most North Virginia residents. The entire process can be broken down into a step-by-step procedure. Our technicians will conduct a camera inspection, clean your pipes, then fix your pipes, all without the need to dig up long trenches. It is important to understand that despite the ballpark costs mentioned above, there is no way to give a universal cost to trenchless services because every property is going to have its own set of needs and constraints. The best way for our team to give you an accurate price is for us to come out to your property and perform a sewer camera inspections to identify the exact problem and trenchless service we would need to provide you with.

Cost of Trenchless Pipe Repair VA

Our Superior Approach to Rehabilitating Sewer or Drain Pipes

At VA Plumbing, our specialization lies in replacing underground pipes in the most efficient manner. We use all available technology and equipment to ensure an accurate repair without any guessing. We don’t waste time, and we always have our customer’s best interest in mind.

Our professional technicians will first conduct a thorough investigation of your sewer lines using high-definition waterproof equipment. Sewer camera inspections involve utilizing a waterproof camera affixed to a flexible rod and inserted into an available cleanout hole.

The sewer camera and flexible rod can be used to navigate the whole of your sewer system regardless of how many turns and corners it has. The camera’s transmitter sends a live video feed up above ground so our technicians can see every detail in crystal clear detail. Once the problem is located, our technicians can devise a strategy to get it fixed as soon as possible using trenchless technology.

Trenchless repair is recommended for the following scenarios and situations:

  • Backed up sewer lines that have deteriorated due to ground movement, calcification, root intrusion and age.
  • Pipes that have been damaged due to fluctuations in temperature. For example, freezing and thawing during winter cycles.
  • Cracked pipes from constant wear and tear.
  • Improperly installed pipes that leak and cause backups.
  • Burst pipes that have been invaded by tree roots or choked with calcified debris and matter.

Factors Affecting Trenchless Repair Costs in Fairfax, Virginia

Sewer replacement entails a lot of elements and factors, and that can lead to varying costs. These are just some of the questions we need to ask before computing for the estimate cost of trenchless sewer repair.

What is the Length Of Your Pipe?

Trenchless sewer repair costs depend on how much material per foot is needed to fix the problem. Paying per foot instead of by the hour is advantageous for the home or business owner as you’ll have an idea of how much you’ll be paying instead of estimating the number of labor hours.

What is the Depth of Your Pipe?

All trenchless technologies require an access point to get to your sewer lines. This can be done by way of clean outs, vent pipes, or digging. When the only option is to dig, our technicians consider the depth of your pipe and add it to the overall cost. The deeper your sewer lines are, the higher the costs. For example, pipes that are about two feet deep may be better served using the dig-and-replace method as it’s more cost-efficient than trenchless repairs.

What is the Diameter of Your Pipe?

Material costs become greater if there’s more needed. This means smaller diameter means lesser costs, while bigger diameter means greater costs.

What is the Pipe’s Distance to the Connector?

The distance between the ailing pipe to the nearest connector line will play a role in the pricing when it comes to installing a main sewer line. The farther the distance, the more piping material will need to be brought in, which raises both labor and material costs.

Cost of Trenchless Pipe Repair Virginia

Where is the Pipe Located?

If the broken pipe is located under the sidewalk, the street or any public space, the costs and complications are likely to go up. If your property or sewer lines cross that of subsurface utility lines, then the repair becomes more complicated and risky.

What is Your Current Pipe Material?

  • PVC: this type of pipe is extremely versatile and mainly used to connect your indoor system to your outdoor system.
  • Concrete: this type of pipe has been used for decades and generally serves larger systems like sewer mains or the main lines of a property.
  • Terracotta and Clay Pipes: this type of pipe holds water well and doesn’t rot or rust as quickly as metal, but these pipes are especially fragile and can form cracks, breaks and holes.
  • Orangeburg: this type of piping will need to be replaced as soon as they are discovered.
  • Cast Iron: this type of pipe is strong but it tends to get rust and corroded over time. Once they break, considerable labor, resources and time is needed to have it repaired or replaced effectively.

What is the Present Condition of Your Pipes?

The recommended repair depends on the state of your sewer lines. Additional services may come in, i.e., when your pipes have accumulated a massive amount of scale, a de-scaling may be required before the trenchless process begins.

How Much Damage Has Been Incurred?

The extent of damage plays a major role in computing for the overall cost of trenchless repair. Insurance policies typically exclude sewer line replacements due to the pipe’s nature of being subject to constant wear and tear.

Which Trenchless Technique is Most Appropriate?

There are a number of ways to carry out trenchless technologies, and each one will have its own strengths. The recommended repair method will depend on several situations; sometimes, all it takes is a good cleaning via hydro jetting to restore your pipe’s flow. In other cases, a pipe replacement may be needed. Our technicians will use the live camera feed to determine the best course of action for your particular plumbing issue.

Fairfax VA No-Dig Solutions to Pipeline Problems

At VA Plumbing, our priority is delivering the best kind of plumbing service using state-of-the-art equipment and technology. We help our clients fix their sewer line problems, whether it be repairing drinking, steam, sewer or drain pipes or replacing broken lines using the no-dig solution.

Here’s a sample of what trenchless technology can do for you and your ailing pipes.

Pipe Cleaning

Stoppages, constant backups and poor flow can sometimes be resolved with good cleaning. Hydro jetting services may be used prior to the pipe relining process to ensure the epoxy resin sticks to the inner pipe. Our technicians prepare a specialized nozzle and attach it to a machine that blasts out pressurized water. Depending on the state of your pipe, our technicians may also use a mechanical brush to clear out the scale and debris build up. Hydro jetting is considered to be the greenest and one of the best ways to restore full function for your sewer lines. The nozzle literally destroys all debris and waste buildup clinging to the inner walls, washing them out and to the nearest municipal treatment center. The whole process is carefully maintained and supervised for best results, leaving you with a clean pipe that has restored diameter and flow.

Pipe Relining

Pipe relining, sometimes referred cured-in-place pipe or CIPP. CIPP is a trenchless solution that doesn’t require an excavations on your property. Instead, the relining process creates a new pipe within the old structure to restore sewer line integrity.

A single access point is required to complete the pipe relining process. A flexible liner coated with special resin and inserted to the sewer line. Once it is securely in place, our team will move the liner through the pipe coating the walls of the pipe with epoxy. After a few hours, a new pipe material forms inside the broken pipe. The new, seamless material is durable and long-lasting. The seamless, jointless aspect wards off intruding roots, calcified buildup, and overall flow improving flow.

Pipe relining may be used in situations where there are rain drains or high-rise vertical pipes that need to be repaired. Chiller pipes, cooling towers, and clay or iron pipes may also make use of this particular trenchless solution. Storm drains with sand infiltration or deteriorated culvert pipes will be restored back to working order once the pipe re-lining procedure is completed.

Point Repair

Point repair entails the use of a flexible tube to fix the damaged pipe. This method is recommended for when a section of the pipe needs to be repaired in just one go. For example, when clay pipe connections are damaged but the iron section is still functional.

Epoxy Coating Solutions In Fairfax County

Epoxy coating is ideal in situations where there’s less pervasive damage, i.e., when the pipes have corroded or when you need to seal small leaks. This trenchless technology is similar to CIPP, but in this case the resin is liquefied and blown using pressurized air instead of a removable sleeve. Epoxy coating is ideal for smaller pipes such as HVAC and copper piping material. It’s safe to use for repairing drinking water lines. Our technicians recommend epoxy coating for fixing pinhole leaks after a camera inspection.

Pipe Bursting

A Fairfax sewer line replacement service may be needed if you’re constantly bothered by a failing plumbing system. Trenchless replacements are better as they can keep the same issue from occurring, thereby saving you a lot of time and money.

Pipe bursting is a no dig solution that resolves your sewer line problem without having to destroy your precious landscape. It’s the recommended course of action for replacing pipes that are too damaged or worn out for trenchless repairs.

Unlike trenchless pipe lining, two access points are created for pipe bursting, which serve as the entry and exit point during the trenchless procedure. A cable is inserted into the entry point, led by an equipment called the bursting head. The contraption is pulled along the original pipe’s position, breaking the old pipe apart and sending the fragments into the soil as a newer, stronger pipe takes its place. The new pipe material is durable and seamless. When the bursting head is detached our team will finish fitting the new pipe to your existing system.

At VA Plumbing, our mission is to improve, restore and maintain your sewer line’s optimal flow for maximum efficiency. The new pipe installed fixes the leak and stops backups permanently. The material is extremely durable, tough and resistant to corrosion, leaks and withstands pressure from invading tree roots. The inside diameter is smooth and provides better flow. It’s less prone to calcified buildups, which means you won’t have to call as often to have your sewer lines repaired.

VA Plumbing is the Local Expert When it Comes to Fixing Broken Sewer Lines in Fairfax

First-time customers often ask about the cost of trenchless pipe repairs, which is perfectly understandable.It’s difficult to provide an estimate of how much trenchless repairs will be over the phone because we do need to see your property. Our technicians, however, offer estimates on trenchless pipe repairs and free consultations for Fairfax homes and business establishments.

VA Plumbing is a family-owned business serving Virginia residents. We promise high quality services using the latest equipment and years of experience. You can be sure that our prices are some of the most competitive ones around. Our flat rates ensure you won’t have to pay a penny more than the quote.

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