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Drain Cleaning in Reston, VA

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Drain cleaning is part of the regular maintenance inspection schedule that VA Plumbing recommends for both our business and our homeowner customers.

Following a regular maintenance schedule for a building’s sewer pipeline prevents many of the emergency or unpleasant symptom appointments that disrupt both family and business routines.

How We Determine When Cleaning the Drains Will be Effective

During a scheduled maintenance appointment, a sewer camera inspection will be performed. Our robotic camera can travel the length of your sewer pipeline, sending back a full video view of the interior surface of the pipe. Our service technician will be looking for snags, cracks, or corrosion.

Corrosion is a layer of calcium and other minerals that builds up as a rough layer on the interior pipeline wall over time. Reston, Virginia lies in the middle of the grid of hard vs. soft water locations, meaning the corrosion will not happen as quickly as in other locations, but it will occur over time. Our technicians are aware of the water hardness in your area and will adjust your recommended maintenance schedule upon that information.

Drain Cleaning Reston

Why Hydro Jetting is Our Preferred Drain Cleaning Solution in Reston Homes

When corrosion is found through the sewer camera inspection, a drain cleaning with our hydro jetting equipment is performed. Hydro jetting is a method of using highly pressurized water and a rotating hose nozzle to scour away any rough substances attached to the interior wall of your pipeline. This process is fast and does not require any digging or disturbing of either your landscape or the interior of your building.

Entry to your sewer pipeline is made through either the indoor or outdoor sewer pipeline access point. The indoor access point is usually on a bathroom wall. The pipe opening is generally camouflaged by an unobtrusive, round cover. The outdoor access point is near the building’s exterior wall. It is a capped pipe that ends roughly at ground surface level.

Once the hydro jetting process is performed, our technician will run the sewer camera though your pipeline again. This allows our technician to confirm that the cleaning process was fully successful and to identify any small cracks that may have been hidden by the layer of corrosion.

Drain Cleaning Reston VA

How Drain Cleaning Can Help our Experts Repair Sewer Lines

It is always better to locate a crack sooner rather than later. While our trenchless sewer pipeline repairs are fast and cost effective, repairing a smaller crack will require less repair material, will keep the pipeline structurally sound for a longer period of time, and will prevent any unpleasant pipeline symptoms from emerging between scheduled inspection appointments.

When a crack is located, we will perform a speedy pipelining repair. As with all of our trenchless pipe repairs and replacements, this process does not require any digging up of the original pipe. We are able to insert a pipe liner coated with an epoxy resin into the area of the pipe where the crack lies.

Drain Cleaning Reston Virginia

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