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Sewer Repair & Replacement in Fairfax, VA

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Sewer repair is a fact of life, especially for those who have older homes like many of the ones in Fairfax, Virginia. Clogs, leaks, tree root invasion and even sewer pipe collapse are all problems our team at VA Plumbing has seen and dealt with many times over our decade and a half in the plumbing business. How do you know when it’s time to call in the pros? Here are some common warning signs to look for if you’re evaluating whether you need sewer repair or replacement.

Sewer Repair & Replacement Fairfax

How Can You Tell If It’s Time for Fairfax Sewer Repair or Replacement?

  • Slow drains: If you notice the water in your sink, toilet or tub is not draining as quickly as it should, you are due for a sewer repair. A slow drain is often a warning sign of a clogged pipe, which we can usually resolve with a drain cleaning. However, in many cases, the clog is an indicator that there is an issue somewhere much deeper down the sewer line such as a crack or excessive mineral buildup. In any case, you will need to call us to assess the condition of your pipes and recommend the best treatment.
  • Low water pressure: Your plumbing depends on a good balance of water pressure to function at peak efficiency. If your showers are no longer relaxing, or it seems little to no water is flowing out of your faucets, call us for sewer repair.
  • Higher water bills: If your sewer line needs repairs, odds are good that you’ll start noticing a sharp uptick in your monthly water bills. Higher-than-usual utility bills usually indicate a leak somewhere that needs immediate repair.
  • Ponding water: A damaged sewer line can result in several different problems, including pools of water inside or outside your Fairfax house. Your plumbing should never leak, so if you have started noticing water where it shouldn’t be, call VA Plumbing as soon as possible.
  • Loud gurgling noises: Listen carefully for any that seem out of the ordinary. If you start hearing unusual gurgling sounds coming out of your plumbing, it’s usually a red flag that there’s trapped air somewhere inside your pipes, which is a typical sign of a clog.
  • Sewage odors: A functional Fairfax sewer line should be airtight, meaning no water or gas should be able to escape. However, when you start smelling bad sewer odors emanating from your drains or around the house, you might have a crack somewhere in your sewer line.
  • Lush patches in the lawn: If you notice a spot on your lawn is thriving, that could be because a sewer leak is providing it with fertilizer. While leaking sewage may be great for your lawn, it’s bad news for your home and plumbing.

Sewer Repair & Replacement Fairfax VA

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If you’re noticing any of these symptoms, it’s time to call our team for painless sewer repair in Fairfax, VA. At VA Plumbing, we can use our innovative trenchless techniques to repair or replace any damaged sewer line, which saves you time and money. With trenchless sewer repair, we can avoid the messy and time-consuming process of excavating your sewer line and repair it from within instead. Our customers love this minimally invasive technology that saves their yards from the damage a backhoe would cause. Contact us today to learn more.

Sewer Repair & Replacement Fairfax Virginia

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