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Sewer Repair & Replacement in Sterling, VA

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For the most reliable, no-hassle sewer repair and replacement in Sterling, VA, you can trust VA Plumbing.

Sterling Virginia Sewer Repairs

We have invested in new technology to give our technicians the right tools to handle any sewer problem, not matter how difficult.

VA Plumbing specializes in trenchless sewer repair methods, a modern improvement on the traditional dig-and-replace method that uses newly developed tools to complete repairs to buried pipes without the need for excavation. Our repairs can be completed using as little as a single access point, dramatically reducing difficulty and frustration that typically accompany sewer repairs. We can often restore or replace a pipe in the Sterling area in as little 24 hours. Trenchless repair techniques also protect the property features that would have been destroyed during other methods, such as hardscaping, drives and trees. This not only preserves your home’s or business’s appearance but also maintains your property value, and you will save hundreds or thousands of dollars in property restoration costs once the repair is complete.

Sewer Repair & Replacement Sterling

Many pipes with less extensive damage can be restored using our point repair procedure. This non-invasive repair method requires just a single small hole to access one opening in the damaged pipe so that the restoration can be completed. To repair the pipe, our expert technician inserts a specially-designed, flexible tube into the opening that applies an epoxy coating to the interior of the pipe. This thin, coating is effective at sealing small leaks such as pinholes or cracks and is an affordable solution, making it the first choice for many minor repairs.

If your pipes are more severely damaged and have developed gaps or large separations that cannot be easily sealed with a point repair, we may recommend a Cured-in-Place Pipe restoration, or CIPP sewer repair. This remarkable method can actually build a brand-new pipe inside of the old one using an engineered, high-strength epoxy.

The VA Plumbing technician will pull a soft sleeve coated with the resin into the pipe, extending it until it reaches all the damaged areas. The sleeve is then inflated to press the thick epoxy against the interior of the old pipe and shape it into a cylinder.

Sewer Repair & Replacement Sterling VA

Drain Pipe Replacement in Sterling VA

Over the next several hours, this resin cures until it forms the new pipe, completely sealing all gaps and restoring holes. CIPP resists root infiltration, rust, corrosion, and storm or ice damage for as long as half a century, making it a truly permanent solution.

For pipes that can no longer be restored, VA Plumbing can also perform pipe bursting sewer replacement. This method uses a tool that is inserted into the buried pipe to break it apart while it’s still in the ground and replace it with a new high-density polyethylene pipe.

Sewer Repair & Replacement Sterling Virginia

The tool works through the old pipe, crumbling it with the front of the tool while the back of the tool pulls in the new pipe at the same time. The pipe fragments are either removed as it goes or allowed to dissolve into the surrounding soil, if the old pipe material is degradable.

For fast, effective sewer repair and replacement, Sterling residents and businesses can rely on VA Plumbing for immediate results. We have the leading technology to restore your sewer service while saving you money. Call us today!

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24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Available

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