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Trenchless Sewer Replacement

VA Plumbing offers professional, affordable trenchless sewer repair and trenchless sewer replacement services throughout Northern Virginia.  At VA Plumbing, we are proud to offer effective trenchless sewer pipe repair services for the residents and business owners in Northern Virginia. With our solutions readily available, we are guaranteed to fix your sewer and water lines with speed and efficiency.

We understand that living in Northern Virginia is a unique experience because of the history of its cities’ infrastructures and the way they were built. With older development, homes and businesses in the area could suffer from pipe deterioration and broken pipes. When it comes to the repair of deteriorating or broke pipes, pipe repair cannot be done so replacement is needed.

Our team at VA Plumbing will first establish the condition of your pipes through a sewer camera inspection. These inspections are quick and easy and involve a high-definition waterproof camera on the end of a flexible rod being inserted into a single point of entry. We will weave and navigate the camera through your pipes to display a real-time view of the inside of the pipes to our experts. This will show us what kind of pipes your home or business currently has and the exact location of the break or breaks within your pipes.

Traditional plumbing and excavation services involve harmful dig-and-replace methods that would leave homeowners with property damage. Our team at VA Plumbing specializes in trenchless technologies that requires no digging and quick sewer pipeline replacements, saving you time and money. Without digging trenches, there’s no need to pay for large labor crews, equipment, or landscaping costs after our work is finished.

Not too long ago, the only way to get to problem pipes was to dig a large trench around the suspected pipe, pull apart your landscaping, and hope the technician dug up the correct pipe. If you had to pick this option today not only would you be paying the cost of your service technician to fix the problem, but also landscaping restoration. This added cost could take thousands of dollars to repair from start to finish.

Luckily, trenchless technology has eliminated the need for these invasive, inconvenient methods. Instead of digging up pipes, technicians are able to access your pipes in a variety of ways that don’t disturb your yard or home. There are two main processes for which this new theology functions:

Pipe Relining

This first process, also known as “cured-in-place piping” or CIPP, completely cuts the need to remove a broken sewer pipe. However, relining is only possible if the pipes structure is able to stay in place. The process works as follows:

We send a small remote controlled camera down into the pipe to find the exact problem area and figure out if pipe relining is an option.  We dig one small access hole to begin the trenchless sewer repair that is non disruptive to your yard.  A pump pulls or pushes a flexible tube liner through the sewer pipe, which is coated with a special epoxy resin. The tube is inflated and the resin hardens inside, creating an entirely new pipe on the inside.

The hardened lining material is seamless, very durable, and as strong as a brand new sewer pipe. Expect your relined pipe to last up to 50 years without requiring repair or replacement.  The pipe lining process effectively allows us to rehabilitate pipes from the inside.

Pipe Bursting

Even if your sewer line has collapsed and you cannot go through with pipe lining, don’t fret. The second trenchless sewer repair can still fix your problem without having to resort to tearing up your lawn. This service is effective for replacing pipes that are too worn down to be relined effectively and involves various steps:

  • We dig two access holes on either end of the problem pipe.
  • We insert a cable with a pipe bursting head through one access hole and pull it through the problem pipe, fracturing it as it is pulled along.
  • As the old pipe fractures, a new replacement pipe is put in the old pipes place.
  • The new sewer line is seamless, durable, and rated to last up to 50 years without requiring repair or replacement, just the same as pipe lining.

These methods are not a fix all solution to every plumbing problem, but they can fix quite a number of issues. If you are finding yourself with clogged toilets, backed up sewer systems or other problems it’s worth a chance to see if trenchless piping is a viable solution. We recommend trenchless repairs for various situations and scenarios, including:

  • Burst pipes caused by tree roots or household grease, hair, or other residue
  • Improperly installed pipes that cause frequent backups and leaks
  • Cracked pipes caused by movement of soil or wear and tear
  • Damaged pipes caused by repetitive freezing and thawing in the winter months

No-dig sewer repair is done through the process of pipe bursting. This process only requires our team to dig two holes: an entry and exit point that the pipe can move through. Pipe bursting is where a bursting head with a new pipe connected to it is inserted into your existing pipes. As the bursting head and pipe are pushed through your old ones, it moves the old pipe outward and makes room for the new one. This solves your problem in a timely manner and at the end of the process, there will be no visible signs that you have brand new pipes.

Northern Virginia residential and commercial areas can be easily serviced. Our team at VA Plumbing is eager to help you with your pipe replacement needs!

Trenchless Pipe Lining

Trenchless Pipe Repair in Northern Virginia

At VA Plumbing, we strive to offer the most advanced trenchless technology when it comes to sewer line repair and replacement services for residents in the Arlington and Alexandria areas. Many of the homes and businesses in historic Northern Virginia have very old sewer and drain lines that are more susceptible to corrosion or breaks, which is why we treat every property with respect and expert care. It can seem like a daunting task when your pipes need to be relined, but with our experienced team of technicians and superior equipment, your pipes can be restored to full functionality in no time.

The first step to any repair or replacement service is to conduct a thorough examination of the existing line. Because your pipes are typically constructed inside the walls of your home or business, under the foundation, or underneath the landscaping, it can be practically impossible to figure out the location of the damage without the proper equipment. To conduct an inspection of your sewer and drain lines, our team of industry experts will first locate or create a small access point to reach the compromised section of pipe. After that, we will send a waterproof, high-definition sewer camera attached to a flexible rod into the interior of your pipes. The sewer camera provides our team with a live video feed of the inside of your pipes so we can carefully assess the extent of the damage and accurately determine the best course of action for your property’s unique needs.

At VA Plumbing, we use a trenchless repair method called cured-in-place pipelining, or CIPP lining. After a quick inspection and cleaning service to ensure that the walls of your existing pipes are free from any buildup or debris, our team of skilled technicians will send an epoxy-saturated liner into your pipes. Using air or water pressure, the liner is inflated, ensuring that the walls of the existing pipe are fully coated in the epoxy resin. Once the liner and the epoxy are in place, we will use heat to cure the new pipe. The relined pipe connects seamlessly to the rest of your sewer and drain line and is ready for use after one final inspection.

In the past, the only way to reach a troublesome section of pipe was to dig a trench across the property to excavate the line. This can be a messy and time-consuming process, which is why many experts in the industry have turned to trenchless repair solutions. On top of avoiding costly cleanup crews and preserving your landscaping, trenchless repairs require less heavy equipment and fewer trained technicians. The reduced need for machinery and labor helps to speed up the overall process and works to save you money. Another benefit to this technology is the long-lasting nature of the materials used to rebuild broken or collapsed sections of pipe. We only use the best piping materials that are resistant to corrosion and buildup, which means you’ll experience fewer clogs with pipes that will outlast their competitors’ lifespan.

Don’t suffer from plumbing problems and don’t wait for the situation to get worse. Contact one of our associates to schedule an appointment for trenchless repair services today. Whether you own a home or a business, our team of friendly, knowledgeable experts at VA Plumbing are always happy to assist residents in the Northern Virginia area.

Trenchless Pipe Bursting

Trenchless Pipe Replacement in Northern Virginia

At VA Plumbing, we have the experience and tools needed to provide commercial and residential property owners in the Arlington and Alexandria areas with unmatched trenchless repair and replacement services. Your sewer and drain lines are essential to the health and functionality of your home or business, which is why any plumbing issue should be addressed as quickly as possible. If you’re experiencing complications like strange odors coming from your drains, slow flushing drains, water backups, or water discoloration, it’s time to seek professional assistance. Our team of skilled technicians works with state-of-the-art equipment to perform trenchless services like pipe bursting, offering residents fast, efficient, and long-lasting results to your plumbing problems.

A few decades ago, the only way to repair a compromised section of pipe was to use heavy equipment to dig large trenches across a property. Traditional plumbing repair and replacements methods can be costly, time-consuming, and messy. However, thanks to recent developments in trenchless technology, we’re able to offer a variety of the most advanced services when it comes to inspecting, installing, repairing, and replacing your pipes. Trenchless repair methods allow our team of skilled technicians to reach your pipes without having to excavate your property. In addition to preserving your landscaping, trenchless repairs are also an affordable solution due to the fact that fewer technicians are required and services can be performed within hours to just a few days.

Before a determination can be made about the best solution for your unique problem, our team will first examine the interior of your pipes to search for the cause of the complication. Similar to our repair and replacement methods, we offer trenchless, minimally invasive sewer camera inspections to assess the health of your pipelines. Once we have located or created a small access point, our team of industry experts will send a high-definition, waterproof camera into your pipes to search for signs of corrosion, breaks, cracks, joint slips, and collapsed lines. Sewer camera inspections are a fast and easy way for our team to thoroughly examine every inch of your pipes so we can begin the repair process as quickly as possible.

Pipe bursting is a preferred method in the plumbing industry for replacing severely damaged sections of the pipe because of its efficiency and the high-quality results it creates. After comprehensive inspection and cleaning services, our team of technicians will send a bursting head into your pipes using the same access point for the sewer camera. The bursting head has a slightly larger diameter than the existing section of pipe and as it works its way through the troublesome section, it breaks up the old pipe, pushing the remnants away into the soil. The bursting head creates a space where the old line used to be and a new line is able to be moved seamlessly into its place. After a final inspection, the pipe will be ready for use.

At VA Plumbing, it’s our goal to resolve your plumbing problems with speed and care to help your commercial or residential property get back to business as quickly as possible. The trenchless pipe bursting services we offer provide Alexandria and Arlington residents with reliable, long-lasting repairs you can count on for decades to come. If you’re experiencing an issue with your sewer or drain line, contact one of our friendly associates today to schedule an appointment and see if our trenchless services are right for you.

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